Online Trauma Therapy




Unpacking and processing trauma in a safe space

Trauma can take many forms, whether it happens to be something from your past or recent history, and it impacts each of us differently.

If you're seeking a supportive and empowering approach, person-centred therapy offers a safe space to explore your experiences and reconnect with your inner strength, rather than diagnosing and prescribing one-size-fits-all solutions. This can be the catalyst for true long-term change.

Your therapist in Norfolk is here to get you from surviving to thriving.



My in-person and online trauma therapy can help you to:

  • Gain greater self-awareness by exploring your thoughts and feelings in relation to the traumatic event
  • Rebuild your sense of emotional control and stability
  • Foster self-compassion by nurturing your inner resilience
  • Discover your inherent capacity for healing and growth, and with that your confidence





Rediscover your inner strength with person-centred therapy.

Our journey together starts with a free consultation, which you can schedule using my booking page.

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