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Taking you from burnout to balance

Navigating the corporate world can feel like navigating a jungle at times, especially if you no longer find fulfilment in your work or are questioning your career path.

Person-centred therapy is a valuable tool for finding clarity and purpose in your professional journey. Rather acting as career advice or job coaching, person-centred therapy prioritises you and your experience by creating a trusting space where you can explore your feelings and values related to work. This helps you to discover your underlying needs and motivations, leading towards career choices more suited to who you are.

As a therapist in Norfolk, I can help create an organic strategy for success



My in-person and online therapy for work stress helps to you discover:

  • Your underlying needs and motivations, be that security, creativity or something else entirely
  • The barriers, limiting beliefs or self-doubts that are holding you back – Having worked as a senior manager for several years, I know all too well about the unique stresses and anxieties that come with the workplace!
  • Improved communication skills through honest self-reflection and open dialogue
  • Authentic confidence as you gain self-awareness and clarity





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