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Navigating your way through the journey of grief

The loss of a loved one can feel you feeling adrift, isolated or completely overwhelmed.

Person-centred therapy can help the healing process with impartial support and guidance. While most therapy methods might treat grief as a problem to be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution, person-centred therapy will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences surrounding your grief, allowing you to find your own answers.

Your therapist in Norfolk can help you find solace and support.



My in-person or online grief counselling can help by:

  • Validating your unique experiences and the way you are grieving
  • Exploring the complex tapestry of emotions that is grief through open dialogue so you can both understand their source and learn to navigate them fearlessly
  • Finding healthy ways to cope, both via directives from your therapist and the answers you find through the exploration process
  • Rebuilding your connections with loved ones and community





Grief can feel heavy, but you don't need to carry it alone.

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