Online Counselling for Depression




Empowerment and exploration for healing

Depression is, unfortunately, one of the most common mental health issues in the world today. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by it, especially if you have tried different methods in the past but not seen any results.

Person-centred therapy can help you to find your way through the dark fog of depression and step into a happier and healthier space by empowering you to find your own answers and unlock your own inner strength.

As an online therapist in Norfolk, I'm here to help you break the cycle of low moods.



My in-person and online counselling for depression works by:

  • Cultivating self-compassion, helping you to accept yourself with kindness
  • Giving you a deeper understanding of your inner world
  • Providing you with a kind and impartial space to talk about your fears, worries and stresses
  • Helping you to take an active role in the healing process and understand how you feel so you can work towards positive growth





Let's work together to reclaim your wellbeing.

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