Online Counselling for Anxiety




Giving you the tools to cope with anxiety and find its root cause

Anxiety is a sinister thing that steadily wears away at confidence, damages self-esteem and interferes with relationships.

If you are struggling with anxiety, whether that happens to be a self-deprecating voice in your head at social events or a general sense that you're holding yourself back from enjoying all life has to offer, person-centred therapy can be a powerful tool to find your way back to calm and confidence.

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My in-person and online counselling for anxiety can provide:

  • A safe space where you be vulnerable and express your worries without fear of judgement
  • Greater self-awareness, as your therapist helps you to dive deeper into your thoughts and fears
  • Self-acceptance, as you learn to love yourself in your entirety
  • A greater degree of resilience as you explore not only your fears but find your inner strengths





You deserve a life free of anxiety.

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