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Addiction, whether to alcohol, substances, social media or something else, does not define you or your worth.

Person-centred therapy offers a powerful path towards healing and recovery – Not through diagnoses or blame, but by focusing on your inner strength and inherent worth. Your therapist acts as a supportive guide in this process, encouraging you to reflect and empowering you to explore the roots of your addiction.

As an online therapist in Norfolk, I can help you not just quit but discover the roots of addiction.



My in-person and online addiction counselling helps by:

  • Increasing your self-awareness, delving into the emotions and triggers behind addictive behaviours
  • Helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Fostering self-acceptance and inner strength so you can reclaim control and build lasting confidence in your recovery journey
  • Helping you to rediscover your values and aspirations, giving direction and meaning to your life beyond addiction





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